Metz Husband & Daughton, P.A. is a law firm uniquely positioned to solve our clients’ legislative, legal, and regulatory goals. Since the legislative and legal arenas often overlap, our team of lawyers and government consultants have the experience, relationships, credibility, and legal expertise required to successfully represent our clients before all three branches of government: the Legislature, the Cabinet and executive agencies, and every level of state and federal court. From identifying, passing, amending and/or defeating legislative and regulatory proposals affecting our clients’ business, to keeping them informed of political and substantive issues and helping to implement our clients’ business strategies, we take the time to work with each client individually in order to develop a unique strategy that best suits their specific needs.

As state legislative counsel to numerous Fortune 500 businesses and statewide trade and professional associations, we provide a variety of services necessary to engage in legislative problem-solving on behalf of our clients.

Our team members have been involved in legal and legislative problem-solving for over 35 years, and have developed the substantive knowledge required to effectively represent clients before the legislative, executive and judicial branches. Our team members include a former General Counsel to various statewide associations, a former Deputy Chief of Staff to a Florida Governor, a former state party Executive Director, and former legislative staff members.

Over the years, some of the legislative and legal problems we have helped our clients solve include:

– successful passage of tort reform on behalf of the Florida business community

– successful defense of the largest state contract ever awarded to a private company

– successful passage of legislation to appropriate over 50 million dollars to settle a contract dispute with the State

– successful passage of legislation that reduced costs to the restaurant industry by nearly 100 million dollars over ten years

– negotiated legislation pertaining to breach of a company’s internal security systems that allowed for common-sense disclosure language without onerous penalty provisions

– work on legislation to provide a comprehensive regulatory scheme for licensed money transmitters engaging in deferred presentment transactions

– successful development and implementation of a comprehensive grassroots and advocacy strategy for a voluntary medical society to protect scope of practice infringement

Whether solving our clients’ legislative or legal problems, our firm has a demonstrated record of success, evident by the fact that our client relationships are long-lasting, with some extending for over 30 years. We are proud of this heritage and, with our experience and substantive knowledge, we are committed to carrying on this tradition of government problem-solving.