Public Contracting and Competitive Bidding Law

Metz, Husband and Daughton routinely represents and consults with clients on public contracting or public bidding matters. Our scope of representation is broad and varied, including: reviewing a Request For Proposal (RFP), attending vendor workshops, proposing changes to a RFP, assist with or providing counsel to the drafting of responsive proposals, counsel as to whether to file a bid protest, and handling the litigation of a bid protest. Also, members of the Firm have been closely involved in state contracting issues after bid awards, including the negotiation and drafting of lease and contracts.

The Firm has extensive experience in RFP processes involving a broad spectrum of public contracts, including: auto emissions testing, student financial aid servicing, investment management services, the state’s prepaid college program, juvenile justice office leases, and genetic testing services.

Recently, the Firm has successfully represented two clients in administrative bid protests wherein the issuing agency’s decision had been initially adverse to the Firm’s client. Although bid protests are typically decided adversely to the challengers, the first of these two cases proceeded to a formal administrative hearing and resulted in a recommended and final order favorable to our client, who ultimately received the disputed state contract. The second case was successfully settled prior to hearing, with the Firm’s client receiving a substantial state contract for genetic testing services.